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Margate Estates Limited (MEL) is the parent company of the Dreamland Estate.

We are in the process of reviving and developing the estate, transforming it into a year-round visitor destination with a vibrant mix of leisure, business, accommodation, entertainment and live music venues with a vintage fairground, in an incredible seaside setting.

To date, over £50 million has been invested as part of a town-wide effort to reactivate this unique seaside destination. Our ambition is that Margate becomes one of the UK’s leading cultural and entertainment hubs and a year-round destination.

That means we need a long-term plan to create more things to do, places to stay and the local infrastructure to support it. And above all, keeping it Margate. We’re here for the long run, which is why we’ve invested in land and buildings near Dreamland. We want to work together with residents, Thanet District Council and other local businesses to help deliver this vision and make sure it works for Margate.

If you want to help Margate’s revival, we’d love to hear your thoughts.